Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Morning

I guess my blood sugar's low this morning. Nauseous, dizzy, a bit disoriented, legs shaky and don't want to hold me up. Thinking maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday. The times this has happened, looking back at what I ate the day before, I probably didn't eat enough calories or fat. I think that's the case this time too.

I drank 10 oz juice to see if it would help. It did a bit. Usually I have to dilute that particular juice a lot because it's just so sweet. Today I drank it full strength and it didn't even taste overly sweet. Guess because my body needed it.

I ate a few wheat Ritz. They don't taste good to me but hopefully they'll help. Then when I feel up to it I'll fix some real food. Think I need something more than fruit for breakfast today! Especially with Day 2 of C25k later!

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