Thursday, January 27, 2011

C25k - Day 5

I have been really frustrated at not being able to work out more often. I even started pricing double jogging strollers so I could bring the boys with me.

This afternoon Jesse said it was too pretty of a day for me not to go run so I went :)

The temperature was hovering in the upper 50s with an intermittent cold wind. I wore my cool weather gear for the first time - cotton leggings and a fleece zip-up jacket (no hood). I unzipped my jacket for my last couple intervals and took it off completely after my last jog. But I was really glad I had it! I wasn't really hot at the end, but I was getting warm and knew I'd be okay without it.

With my stomach being upset and painful this morning (MSG reaction), I decided to take it real easy. And surprisingly, it only took me about 1 minute longer to finish the course! I ran it today like I'm supposed to. I just have such a hard time with feeling really good and going out strong for the first couple instead of pacing myself. I'm trying to find the line between pushing myself and overdoing the beginning to the point where I'm struggling bad at the end.

So here's my confession... I people-watch on the track. But I'm watching the other people who are on the track. And I'm pretty much just looking at their shoes :P I have yet to see anyone else wearing VFF's. But an acquaintance told me last weekend that she knows people who have them, and sees them a lot at the health club she goes to. I've been thinking that if anyone wears them on the track I use, they probably are the more serious, early-morning runners.

I did have something interesting happen today while at the track. I noticed a guy at the stretch-bars about midway through my workout. He looked to be in his 50s, overweight, wearing regular running shoes, but that's about all I noticed about him. Apparently he noticed me though. About a minute after I passed him, I was walking when I heard someone coming behind me at a slow jog. It was the guy I had seen. He caught up with me, looked toward my shoes and asked how I liked them. I told him, "Love them!" He said, "Love them?!" I repeated, "LOVE them! I've never been able to run before these!" He flashed a big smile and continued past me. That's the first time anyone's asked me about them out there. I wonder if I'm the only freak who looks to see what shoes everyone else is wearing LOL

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