Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Past Few Days

Sunday started out fairly normal. Well, short of only getting 4 1/2 hours of broken sleep Saturday night :( Usual Sunday morning breakfast - fruit (apple) and 1/2 cup coffee w/ usual. Then out for lunch (Italian buffet). I wasn't hungry for supper so I didn't eat. And then...

I got a call from my mom. Long story short, she had a kitchen accident and ended up in the ER. Gabriel and I were there with her all night. By the time I brought her back home, it was after 5:30am. I was STARVING... I didn't want to eat a mixed food and the only drive-thru open was Burger King. So I got a large order of hash browns. I intended to save some of them for Jesse but ended up eating the whole thing. I went to bed soon after that and had no indigestion from them! Guess my stomach really was empty :P

Monday morning I got some broken sleep and then we went out to eat. Again :( I was so out of it from sleeping so little in two days that I could barely function. My one meal for the day was homestyle buffet.

Monday night was another night of broken sleep. I had to bring Mom to PT this morning and didn't have time to make coffee and really needed the caffeine! So the boys and I went to the donut shop by her PT place. At least I ate carbs only, and a full meal's time passed before lunch.

Breakfast - glazed donuts; cup of coffee w/sugar and liquid Coffee-Mate
Lunch - rotisserie chicken breast in usual salad; Ghirardelli square
Supper - leftover blackeyed veggie dip w/fries; double chocolate muffins (homemade, 100% oat flour)

Hoping to get some decent sleep tonight! Some people can function on little sleep but I can only do it for one day...

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