Monday, January 31, 2011

C25k - Day 6

Today was the warmest weather I've worked out in so far - hovering right around 70. The track was pretty busy! Guess everyone wanted to enjoy the warm sun before the cold front and rain tomorrow.

I still went out a little hard the first 3 intervals but not too bad. I didn't feel like I had fully caught my breath by the time my next jog started. Despite that, I found it easier to get through the jogs. I can feel myself getting stronger :) My hamstrings and butt didn't start burning till the 7th jogging rep, and they didn't at all on the 8th, even though I wasn't going any slower. And... I finished the course in 23 minutes! I still had 30 sec of my last jog plus my last walk left when I got back to the beginning! And I wasn't struggling!

2 interesting things to note from today's workout:

1. Well... You know how I look at everyone's shoes. I saw my first pair of vff's :) A guy passed me going pretty fast on the side of the track and I noticed he was wearing kso's. He passed me, then went right down the grassy incline leading to the pond, then back up the other side. Perfect footing the whole time! He looked just as if he was running on flat ground.

2. Right as I got back to the beginning of the track (jogging), there was an older, overweight guy coming the opposite direction. He saw me and gave a friendly smile. I smiled back. As I passed him he said, "Good for you!" I replied, "THANK YOU!" in a surprised tone. Because I WAS surprised! And encouraged :) Yep, the fat girl is actually jogging LOL

Plan is to get 2 more workouts of Week 1 in this week, then move on to Week 2 next week.

I'm looking for a used double jogging stroller. Much harder workout pushing a stroller, but I would be able to go more often since I wouldn't have to rely on Jesse to watch the boys. New double joggers start at approx $200...

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