Saturday, January 8, 2011

C25k - Day 3

I got to the track about 2:30. I was COLD. It wasn't the temperature (60) so much as the gusts of cold wind! I put on my light jacket and zipped it up. Much better :)

I didn't start as strong as yesterday, but faster than Tuesday. The pace of my jogs was somewhere between the two. After the first interval, I unzipped my jacket. It was harder to run the way, but I was still a bit chilly. I started struggling during the third interval. During the third 90-second walk, I took off my jacket and tied it around my waist. I had warmed up a good bit and thought the cool air might invigorate me. It worked somewhat ;) After that 3rd interval I took the jogs pretty slow. It was the only way I was going to complete the session.

Some of the spots that were roped off on the track yesterday had fresh cement today. Some had dry cement. I wonder if they're doing pieces of the track at a time, changing it to all cement? I like running on the rocks but Jesse's told me that after a good rain, the track is really messed up for days. Maybe they're trying to make it more weather-friendly?

I felt like I did the course a lot slower today but I completed it in 24 minutes :) Not as good as yesterday, but still faster than Tuesday!

I think a lot of the reason I struggled some today was that it had been less than 24 hours since my workout yesterday. Less than 24 hours since I had pushed myself. I think my body just needed more time to recover. But it will be raining all day tomorrow, turning to sleet later in the day. Plus tomorrow is church and then lunch out. It's the day I totally don't eat on plan so not a good day to workout ;)

My right calf did okay before my workout. I felt it briefly once when I picked up Gabriel and put him on the changing table.

During my jogging intervals I felt my calves! They just seemed tight. Don't know what I could've done about that... Again, I think it was the lack of a full day's rest that did it. I made sure to stretch them extra good after and they've been fine since.

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  1. YAY for completing D3!!!! I wish it was that warm around here to run! I miss it so bad!! Come on Spring!