Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Few Thoughts from After the Liver/Gallbladder Flush...

1. I had an extremely hard time getting the "concoction" down :( But once I did, my body handled it really well! Very little nausea and heartburn :) I think this is because I've been eating more (healthy) fats, so ingesting that much fat at once wasn't such a shock to my system. It was very encouraging to me because my gallbladder must be functioning well for me to not react so much. I think if it wasn't functioning properly, I would not have ingested the olive oil without a lot of nausea and heartburn. (I really hope that makes sense... I keep trying to rewrite it but can't make it clearer right now :p)

2. When I was doing the flush, I found some info online that makes a lot of sense to me and backs up my experiences lately. When you eat a lowfat diet, the bile just sits in your gallbladder (bile is used to digest fats - if you're not eating many of them, it's not needed as much). When it sits, it concentrates. Concentrated bile = gallstones. When you eat a higher (healthy) fat diet, the bile doesn't have time to concentrate. Your gallbladder holds it for a while, then releases it in response to the fats you've eaten. I have found that my gallbladder problems STOPPED when I increased my fats. Fats are supposedly what cause gallbladder problems, and I was a bit scared to increase fats because I was scared of how my gallbladder would handle it. But it has responded beautifully! I think the stone I had was just an old one that hadn't come out yet. It definitely wasn't very big. I can tell by the amount of pain I was in compared to previous times :p And I didn't see many stones after the flush. I don't think I have zero stones, but I do believe that the ones that are still there were formed at a time when I wasn't eating much fats.

And as a side note... If I needed confirmation that my body does better eating less carbs (grains in particular), I certainly got it yesterday! I ate a (whole grain, lots of fat) high carb lunch, and oh man, did I pay for it! I had terrible brain fog. A stomachache. My gallbladder protested a bit (no real pain, but definite twinges). Ugh! Not doing that again :p

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meal Plan 11-2 to 11-12

Our big meal is at lunch. I need one supper still... When everyone else has eggs, I'll have leftovers.

Boys - yogurt, fruit
Me - yogurt or cheese

Macaroni and cheese
Roast (leftover in freezer), bleu cheese potatoes, broccoli (green beans for Jesse)
Bacon, overnight oatmeal
Leftover beef veggie soup
Burgers on English muffin halves, celery
Loaded potatoes - turkey, cheese, sour cream, California mix veggies (green beans for Jesse)
Sweet Beef and Rice
Mexican - turkey, canned chiles, cheese, rice
Homemade breakfast sausage crumbles, fried potatoes, sauteed red bell peppers
Turkey casserole w/rice, cream cheese, and green beans
Ground beef casserole w/beef broth, cream, rice; carrots

(Restaurant with extended family)
Scrambled eggs w/rice x 4 (two plain, two with tomato puree)
Beef veggie soup x 2
Mexican - turkey, enchilada sauce, rice, cheese
Cottage cheese w/peaches and almonds x 2