Friday, July 30, 2010

Will the Zinc Work?

I started the zinc for my rosacea a week ago. It's better! But it's also the time of the month where it usually is better - right at the end of my period. I should have about another week's worth of zinc in the bottle so I'll re-evaluate when I'm near the end of it. If it isn't working as well as I hoped, there are some natural hormone supplements that I'll try next. But I'm holding out hope that it'll work once it's built up in my body!

I had a rough morning and wanted to cheat so bad! But I didn't :) I got past it! I have my car back from the shop too! I'm so thankful that God provided the money to get everything fixed...

Breakfast - banana (nonorganic)
Lunch - leftover crockpot round steak; leftover broccoli; Ghirardelli square
Supper - Amy's burritos - beans and rice (vegan, no soy); 1/2 avocado; cookies - Pillsbury refrigerated dough - oatmeal chocolate chip

My cookies didn't taste as good as I had hoped. Might be a good thing. I've been wanting to bake a batch of my mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Next grocery trip maybe?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crockpot Round Steak


5 lb. round steak
1 carton (32 oz) beef broth
1 lb. mushrooms, sliced
1 huge onion, cut in half and sliced
Heavy cream

Place all ingredients except cream in a large crockpot. Cook until meat is tender. Stir in cream just before serving.

(The cream makes it creamy w/o cheating - it's considered a fat, not dairy!)

Food Today

Back on track! Again...

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - crockpot meal - round steak cooked in beef broth, mushrooms, onions, heavy cream; carrots w/butter and cinnamon
Supper - salad - baby Romaine w/honey mustard; multi-grain pasta w/butter, oo, fresh parsley; 2 cookies

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Meals of Ordering In...

Yep. You read that right... Circumstances were such today that I couldn't cook :-( And I didn't have a way to pick up anything. So we ordered in twice. I didn't do great but I didn't do horrible.

Breakfast - nada :-(
Lunch - grilled chicken in salad (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers) w/organic ranch; Ghirardelli square
Afternoon - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual
Supper - pizza - mushroom, onion, bell pepper; piece of brownie cake

I had the choice at supper between Chinese and pizza. I've been having a slight MSG reaction after Chinese food lately. So my choices were Chinese that would technically be on my eating plan but cause a reaction, or pizza that wasn't on my plan but that I likely wouldn't react to. I think I made the right choice!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Gabriel woke up at 4:30am for a bottle and I never got back to sleep :( I don't feel too bad considering. I was able to stay on track though!

Breakfast - banana, apple juice later, banana later
Lunch - tuna salad in salad LOL - tuna, mayo, dill relish, pepper, bell pepper in baby Romaine, Ghirardelli square
Supper - peas w/butter, biscuits (canned) w/butter, small piece of brownie cake

I missed eating Triscuits with my tuna :( Especially since Jesse ate his on a toasted whole wheat bagel! The bell pepper was my attempt at adding the crunch I missed. It helped :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back on Track...

For today at least :P We had an exhausting few days so the boys and I relaxed today. Well, I did as much housework as possible considering Gabriel spent almost the whole day eating on me or sleeping on me! Smorgasbord for supper tonight - whatever leftovers you could find were fair game ;)

Breakfast - watermelon
Lunch - baked cod (w/lime juice and Essence), broccoli w/butter and S&P, Ghirardelli square
Supper - baked beans, fries w/mayo and ketchup, french bread w/butter, few bites broccoli/carrots, chocolate pancakes

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Eating Plan?!

So I totally blew it today :P When we got home last night I was so tired! Today's lunch was supposed to go in the crockpot before bed, and, well, it didn't happen :( I was going to pick up a rotisserie chicken after church but Jesse suggested eating out and my best friend and her family were eating out so we all went together. We had a great time! I could have made healthier choices but I didn't totally blow it either. Till "supper." I wasn't hungry but I wanted a piece of birthday cake (darn AF!) so I ate a little piece instead of supper. Tomorrow's another day...

Breakfast - 1/2 cup coffee w/the usual, banana later, apple juice later
Lunch - Italian buffet - seafood pizza, veggie pizzas, dessert pizza (topping only)
"Supper" - brownie cake

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today was Ethan's birthday party! I didn't get a lot of sleep but what I got was really restful! Usually happens when I'm taking all my supplements...

Breakfast - 1/2 cup coffee w/the usual, apple juice later
Lunch - same as yesterday
At party - piece of brownie cake
Supper - Chili's - onion rings, veggie burger w/usual, few bites fries, few bites broccoli/carrots, few bites molten chocolate cake sans ice cream

Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I was out the door and to my natural health place for 9 this morning when they opened. And the day got busier from there! BUT despite PMS, I controlled myself today and didn't cheat :)

As of this morning I'm back on ALL my supplements! Plus a new one - I did some research on rosacea since mine's flared up so badly lately and found out that even doctors are treating it with zinc. My flare-ups are largely triggered by hormones. I found out zinc affects progesterone, so it deals with the hormone trigger in addition to treating the rosacea itself. What I got is a liquid solution. I take it twice a day, and also spray it on my face. I bought the spray bottle (travel size) but it's sitting in the trunk right now :P So I'll start spraying it this weekend. When I spray the silver solution it helps, but not enough. I'm real interested to see what the pure zinc does!

Breakfast - watermelon
Lunch - grilled chicken (frozen, fully cooked) in baby Romaine salad w/organic ranch; Ghirardelli square
Before supper - Oreo (just 1! I was making crumbs for Ethan's cake)
Supper - vegetarian baked beans; avocado and mayo on multi-grain french bread; brownies
Other (after supper) - taste-tested the icing and Ethan and I licked the beaters ;)

Really hope I get some good sleep tonight! BUSY day tomorrow! Interested to see how being back on all my supplements affects me, especially my sleep...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taco Salad

These came out so good!


1 lb. extra lean ground beef
1 lb. frozen corn
Taco seasoning to make 1 lb. meat (I make my own)
Grape tomatoes, halved
Salad dressing - homemade honey mustard for me, ranch for Jesse
Avocado, diced

Cook ground beef and corn in a skillet until beef is browned and cooked through. Add taco seasoning and salt to taste (for the corn). Cook according to seasoning directions. Let cool for a few minutes.

Mix salad ingredients together. Add meat and corn mixture, and dressing to taste.


We had a very filling lunch today! When it came time for supper Jesse and I weren't very hungry. I mentioned something about a pan of brownies sounded good as supper and that got Jesse started. He really tried hard to talk me into making a pan for supper! So we ended up with a compromise :P

"Breakfast" - 1/2 cup coffee w/demarara and heavy cream (the new usual w/coffee)
Lunch - taco salad
Supper - Bisquick recipe coffeecake w/Ghirardelli 72% chunks

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Heat?!

The 4 of us were out all day running errands - heat index over 100 and no car ac still :( The repair shop ordered the parts but they couldn't get them in till early next week. We had lunch with my mom. I didn't eat on plan but what I got was much healthier than my extremely fattening usual there ;)

Breakfast - banana, apple juice later
Lunch - IHOP - mushroom, spinach and swiss omelet; buttermilk pancakes w/butter
Supper - leftover chocolate chip pancakes (just a few small ones)

Two nights in a row of being out past midnight + being out in the heat all day has me EXHAUSTED...

Mom's Night Out!

Breakfast - watermelon
Lunch - shrimp salad (same as yesterday), Ghirardelli square
Before supper - fries (Sonic)
Supper - Texas Roadhouse - chili cheese fries w/ranch dressing (appetizer, all 4 of us split), California mix veggies (steamed), portabella chicken, sweet potato w/caramel and marshmallows

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ethan's Birthday!

And he spent it sick :( Congestion, coughing, feeling bad... At least he enjoyed his birthday presents! I treated him to macaroni and cheese for lunch today, so I treated Jesse and myself too :) For supper I had planned on making "macaroni garlic" since it's one of Ethan's favorites, but he wanted pancakes instead. Fine with me! He only ended up eating a few though. He barely drank anything today either :( I hope he's better by Saturday for his party! And that no one else gets sick. Gabriel is coughing and sneezing some but so far not bad.

Breakfast - watermelon
Lunch - shrimp salad - roasted shrimp (oo, Essence), Romaine, pepper; Ghirardelli square
Supper - whole grain pancakes (homemade mix) w/semi-sweet chocolate chips

I used Ener-G egg replacer in the pancakes tonight for the first time. It did good! And as always, I used rice milk instead of regular milk.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Food

Breakfast - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual, banana later, apple juice later
Lunch - Italian buffet
Supper - homemade white bread w/butter

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to Normal!

For me anyway ;) I did a ton of errands this morning and ended up running through the drive-thru for all of us for lunch. But I did good :) I made sure to stay on plan today, especially since tomorrow's lunch will be a cheat!

Breakfast - apple juice
Lunch - Chick-Fil-A - chargrilled chicken garden salad w/ranch dressing, Ghirardelli square
Supper - battered mushrooms (frozen, cooked in oven), brownies

Friday, July 16, 2010

Back on Track!

I'm feeling better today! Not back to normal, but better than I've been since this started :) I'm still a little weak. And nothing I ate tasted good to me. Oh well.

Ethan woke up with a fever and congested this morning. He had a rough night's sleep so I really wasn't surprised. I told him I was going to the store to get him some juice (he only gets it when he's sick so I can make sure he's drinking with his fever, and then it's diluted 1/2 and 1/2 with water) and asked him what else he wanted. His answer? Fruit! He asked specifically for watermelon (thankfully it's summer!) and said he wanted other fruit too. I came home with a seedless watermelon, a canteloupe, and a big pack of strawberries - all were on sale :D So far he's eaten a huge bowl of watermelon. He asked for the canteloupe when he saw it but it's not quite ripe yet. And he doesn't know about the strawberries yet. Tomorrow :)

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - rotisserie chicken breast in salad (Romaine) w/homemade honey mustard dressing
Supper - most of a can of lima beans w/a little butter; filo w/butter, oo, mustard, and tarragon; filo cinnamon rolls (butter, demarara syrup, cinnamon, icing (butter, powdered sugar, rice milk, salt, cinnamon)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


My stomach has done okay. I'm still weak. It's annoying because I feel like I can do some stuff, but I do very little and am out of breath and lightheaded and have to sit down and rest :( I know I'll get better with time... My appetite is very small right now. Gee, can't imagine why :P Assuming all goes well tonight, I'll have a chicken breast tomorrow at lunch.

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - homemade white bread w/butter
Supper - brown rice w/butter, oo, salt, parsley; more bread w/butter
Other - tea - decaf green/mint medley w/demarara simple syrup (about 16 oz so far)

Today So Far

I made it through the night without a trip to the bathroom! My pee was so dark this morning. I'm trying to make sure I get lots of fluids today.

I feel better today, just weak. I've actually been able to do a little bit. I made tea - decaf green and mint medley. I also got a loaf of homemade white bread made using my bread machine. Love the Expressbake cycle! A 2-lb loaf takes less than an hour to mix, rise, and bake :-)

I ate a banana for breakfast and my stomach did okay. I tried a couple slices of bread with a little butter for lunch. I'm also sipping the tea I made earlier sweetened with a bit of demarara syrup I made a few weeks ago. My stomach is threatening a bit but so far so good.

My plan for the rest of the day is carbs and tea. Easy to digest. If that does okay, I'll add protein tomorrow.

Bedtime Update

The diarrhea has pretty much stopped. Of course, my stomach is empty at this point. I've drank about 16 oz of tea, a few sips at a time.

My stomach is sore. My hips and butt hurt like I've been doing squats all day. My calves hurt a bit when I walk. My gallbladder seems to be coming through this with flying colors :-)

I'm a little hungry so I take that as a good sign! A loaf of homemade white bread sounds good. Maybe I'll do some in my bread machine tomorrow. It would be easy on my stomach,

My main complaint right now is that I'm so weak :-( It's been almost 30 hours since I've eaten now. All I've had is about 16 oz of tea. I do think it's helping though!

Ethan's birthday party is in a little over a week and I still have a lot to do! Need to get some energy to go shopping for everything, then I'll worry about doing it. I'm shooting for shopping Friday morning.

I really hope no one else gets this...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


For most of the day, I've been under a sheet and 2 quilted blankets. Haven't been hot once. Now I'm under the same blankets, it's cooler, and I'm hot! I almost took one of the blankets off but something stopped me. I didn't feel at peace about it.

Sounds stupid huh. Well, I have a theory...

My normal body temp runs a bit low. I average about 97. I think my body may be trying to fight off this virus but needs extra heat to do it. Hence the blankets.

Interesting to think about...

What I've Consumed Today

Few ounces water - not the best idea :-(
Sweet Leaf organic mint green tea w/honey - Yeah, it has a good bit of sugar in it. But most of it is staying in!

Green tea is a natural acid reducer and mint has anti-spasm properties so it's usually an effective combo for me. Just wish I would've remembered that earlier in the day... I have green tea bags and mint tea bags but honestly I was too weak to make it :-( I remembered I had a couple bottles of the Sweet Leaf one though so I've been sipping it. I've drank a total of about 9-10 oz so far.

Food, even BRATY, is out of the question for today! I'll play it by ear for tomorrow...

Update 2pm

For a while there I was back and forth to the bathroom. But I've only gone once in the past 2 hours. The nausea has eased a bit. I'm fine when I'm laying down and it isn't as bad when I get up. My stomach still feels really off. And all I've put in it all day is a few sips of water. Jesse's getting ready to bring me some baking soda water. Hope it stays down.

My throat wasn't sinus related after all. It was swollen from the acid burning it. That was some seriously nasty vomit...

For now I'm laying in bed, Gabriel asleep next to me. And hoping this continues to get better! Later I'll make some tea - decaf green/mint medley (herbal) and start sipping that.

Every once in a while I push on my gallbladder area but it is not even tender! Yay!

Another Sleepless Night... (TMI)

I was having weird borderline bad dreams for the second night in a row. Involving food and invading armies and who knows what else :-P I woke up about 230 and was having a little trouble breathing. It only took me a minute to realize it was gas. If I have a big gas bubble it'll make me feel like that. I helped along a burp, released some out of the other end as well, and felt better briefly. I started feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom. So I got up and headed in there.

Let's just say that by the time I stumbled out half an hour later it hadn't been a pretty sight... My needing to poo turned into diarrhea and when that was almost done the puking started :-( I was able to reach the measuring cup I keep in the bathroom for my neti pot so I was able to get some water to rinse out my mouth without getting up since I didn't dare chance getting up. I stayed put a few minutes and everything seemed to be done for a bit. My throat was burning from the vomit being so acidic. I went to the kitchen and fixed some baking soda water and that helped the burning.

During all this Gabriel had woken up and he was starting to fuss. Jesse was asleep in the recliner so I took Gabriel to him and headed back to the bathroom just in case the baking soda water didn't stay down. It threatened but so far so good. I also took the opportunity to grab my warm robe. I hadn't planned on being in the bathroom long so I didn't put it on and I was cold! Ever sit on the toilet with it coming out of both ends while trying to stay warm wrapped in a bath towel?! Let me assure you - it doesn't work too well :-P

It's been a little over an hour now since I first woke up. I'm sucking on some papaya tablets while laying in bed with an extra blanket on and a trash can next to me. I still feel like I could return to the bathroom any second for either end. And I've had this lump of what I guess is sinus mucus stuck in my throat since I puked. Yuck.

My first thought was that all this is my gallbladder acting up. But then I realized my gallbladder isn't bothering me at all! Not so much as a twinge. That's really unusual for when I have an upset stomach. Usually whenever something's going on with my stomach, it irritates my gallbladder. Hmmm... That's a good sign! Definitely something positive in the midst of a lot of yuckiness!


415am - Laying back down. Poor Gabriel... I was feeding him and had to get up and bring him to Jesse and make a mad dash. Nothing for a minute then liquid :-( At least I didn't puke again! I'm starting to wonder if there's mucus in my throat or it's just swollen and irritated from the acidic vomit? I don't feel like my stomach's done yet but I hope I'm wrong... At least I'm not as nauseous as I was!


730 - Made it a few hours... I woke up right before Gabriel (Jesse still has him) just in time to fix a bottle for them and head back to the bathroom. Thought I was done, then barely made it back to the bedroom before having to run back in here :-( Sigh...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insomnia and Cravings...

I woke up at 4am to feed Gabriel and couldn't get back to sleep Sometime between 4 and when I finally got back to sleep at 6:15 (1/2 hour before he woke up again!), I started craving IHOP. I mentioned it to Jesse, and, well, we ended up going for lunch! I ate sensibly the rest of the day though at least. I've noticed when I have insomnia, the cravings are worse.

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - IHOP - Big Steak Omelette (eggs, hash browns, cheese, steak, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion), Double Blueberry Pancakes (buttermilk pancakes w/blueberries topped with blueberry pie filling), slice of key lime pie (Edward's)
Supper - salad (Romaine w/organic ranch dressing), whole wheat bagel w/butter

Monday, July 12, 2010

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

This is so simple and easy and yummy!

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

3 parts mayonnaise
3 parts olive oil
2 parts dijon mustard
1 part honey
Salt to taste

Mix together and store in refrigerator. It tastes best if you make it a day ahead of time so the flavors have time to meld.


Last week was the farthest off my eating plan I've eaten... I noticed over the weekend that where my ears are pierced was bothering me for the first time in months. I realized the slight infection I always used to have there had returned. Two days of eating back on plan and they're already getting better!

Sunday morning I got up and I noticed my fingers were swollen! Then I looked in the mirror and realized it wasn't just my fingers... Looking back, I think all of my cheat meals last week had MSG in them :( So I shouldn't be surprised I was swollen! It's getting a bit better today. But I have a rotisserie chicken in the fridge I bought for lunch tomorrow that probably has some in it. Shouldn't affect me too much though as long as I watch what else I eat.

I think my hormones are shifting a bit again. I expect it will happen off and on for the next 6 months at least as my body adjusts to not being pregnant plus my way of eating plus getting my supplements (especially iron) on a regular basis again.

Seems like there are more but I'll post them as I remember them...


Still trying to catch up on sleep... I missed some doses of my vitamins too so that didn't help!

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - steak salad (sirloin seasoned w/Essence and Mrs. Dash steak grill seasoning and cooked in cast iron skillet, Romaine) w/homemade honey mustard dressing, Ghirardelli square
Before supper - couple bites brownie
Supper - mashed potatoes (instant, made w/rice milk and butter), corn (frozen, w/butter and salt), baked beans (canned vegetarian), whole wheat bagel w/butter, brownies

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worst Week Yet Food-Wise

I did horrible with food this week. Way too many cheats :( All but one were when we ate at other people's houses though. When we eat somewhere else I can't expect them to cook something special for me. I could have made some different choices but I just feel so horrible watching everyone else eat something I really like when I'm not eating it, KWIM? But I'm proud of myself for not letting it influence my other meals! And I'm looking forward to getting back on track. I wasn't even tempted to cheat at lunch even though we ordered in!

Quick Mushroom Rice

Quick Mushroom Rice

Instant brown rice
1 lb mushrooms, sliced
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
1/4 cup olive oil
Handful parsley flakes

Cook 8 servings rice according to package directions (1 box Uncle Ben's). While rice is cooking, melt butter and a skillet and add olive oil. When hot, saute mushrooms until tender (5 1/2-6 on my stove). Stir in parsley. When rice is done, add to the skillet. Mix together and salt to taste.

Simple and Yummy!

I threw together something at supper and it turned out really good! Jesse and I agreed it's definitely a keeper :)

Breakfast - coffee w/usual, banana later, raisins later
Lunch - salad - iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber, grilled chicken w/homemade honey mustard dressing, Ghirardelli square
Supper - Quick Mushroom Rice (recipe to come), brownies

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today's Meals

We were at my best friend's from before supper last night to after supper tonight. I brought my breakfast and lunch but she cooked delicious meals for supper both nights!

Breakfast - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual, banana later
Lunch - 2 Amy's bean and rice burritos, smothered potatoes
Supper - baked chicken (breast), brown rice, gravy, okra and tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower w/butter, lima beans (cooked with bacon but I picked it out), cauliflower salad, Ghirardelli square

Friday's Meals

Breakfast - apple juice
Lunch - battered mushrooms (frozen, cooked in oven) w/organic ranch salad dressing, salad (Romaine, same dressing), Ghirardelli square
Supper - (at Yvette's) chicken breast w/marinara and parmesan, lima beans (cooked w/bacon but I picked it out), broccoli and cauliflower, cauliflower salad (similar to potato salad but substituting cooked cauliflower for potatoes), Ghirardelli square

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Food Today

Another weird day with only one real meal... And I got the verdict on my ac - $550-600 to fix :( With the other work that needs to be done, I'm looking at approximately $1000 total. God will provide! Till then we're driving around in 100+ degree heat index with no ac...

"Breakfast" - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual
Noon - apple juice
Snack - few bites potato chip-like snack
4:00 - barbecue leftovers - burgers on whole wheat buns w/mayo, potato salad

No chocolate today :O

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meals Today

Lunch was so yummy! I wanted chocolate chip cookie dough for supper but obviously that wouldn't be a good idea so I compromised :-P

Breakfast - 1/2 apple
Lunch - salad - leftover barbecue leg quarter, corn (roasted in the husk, cut off the cob), Romaine, homemade honey mustard; Ghirardelli square
Supper - 1/2 can peas w/butter, waffles w/butter (homemade whole grain w/bittersweet chocolate chunks)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meals Today

Supper at my in-laws tonight so it was either cheat or not eat supper :-(

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - leftover barbecued leg quarter in Romaine salad w/homemade honey mustard, Ghirardelli square
Supper - spaghetti (homemade sauce w/ground meat, white pasta, parmesan cheese), white garlic bread, brownies

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food Today

We went to a barbecue at my dad's today. Definitely a cheat meal as my dad makes yummy barbecue!

9ish-10ish - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual (sipped it while getting ready)
1130-130 - apple juice (sipped it while driving to my dad's)
345 - leg quarter, corn on the cob w/butter, beans, burger on multi-grain roll w/mayo and tomato, potato salad, blueberry dessert
830-1030 - apple juice (sipped it while driving home)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Clothes!!!

I needed some new clothes SO badly! I was down to only a handful of shirts that were wearable. Everything else is too big at the neck, and, well, when you're frequently carrying a baby, you don't want to end up showing the top of your bra! We had a little bit of money to spare so I took advantage of the Independence Day sales at the mall. I had checked Walmart and Target but didn't really find anything...

Breakfast - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual, banana later
Lunch - crockpot turkey breast in Romaine salad w/homemade honey mustard
Supper - sundried tomato pasta, fun size Twix, Ghirardelli square

Saturday's Meals

(I didn't get home till after 1030pm Saturday night and went straight to bed since I had to be up so early)

Jesse woke up craving hot donuts. Gabriel woke up for the day before 8am. I had errands to run. Gabriel and I left to run the errands and came back with... Donuts. Hot, fresh, just out of the fryer... Supper, the boys and I ended up eating out with my mom. But no cheat :)

830am - banana
1030am - donuts
Lunch - garlicky black-eyed peas and greens, brown rice (I ate my carb meal at lunch because I already had carbs in my system) I may have had dessert but I don't remember now :( If I did, it was a Ghirardelli square
Supper - Shoney's - shrimp (in some kind of butter-type sauce) in salad (mostly iceberg, some other salad greens mixed in, carrots) w/peppercorn ranch dressing

Friday, July 2, 2010


My car is fixed!!! Our friend got the alternator changed and it looks like the battery is still good :) I had just taken everything out to cook supper when he got here so since I needed to go with him, we ended up getting take-out. Satisfied a craving and didn't even cheat :)

Breakfast - canteloupe
Lunch - crockpot turkey breast w/Romaine salad and homemade honey mustard; Ghirardelli square
Supper - Chili's - black bean burger on wheat bun w/avocado, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato; fries w/ketchup; onion rings w/ranch; chocolate dipped chocolate biscotti

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I finally got some sleep last night :) I'm far from being caught up but I felt a lot better today than yesterday!

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - ground beef (93/7, seasoned w/Essence, cooked in microwave) in salad (Romaine) w/honey mustard & dijon, Ghirardelli square
Supper - garlicky black-eyed peas and greens w/brown rice, cookies
Later - cinnamon waffle, Ghirardelli semi-sweet square (and boy did it taste SWEET! overly so)