Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I was out the door and to my natural health place for 9 this morning when they opened. And the day got busier from there! BUT despite PMS, I controlled myself today and didn't cheat :)

As of this morning I'm back on ALL my supplements! Plus a new one - I did some research on rosacea since mine's flared up so badly lately and found out that even doctors are treating it with zinc. My flare-ups are largely triggered by hormones. I found out zinc affects progesterone, so it deals with the hormone trigger in addition to treating the rosacea itself. What I got is a liquid solution. I take it twice a day, and also spray it on my face. I bought the spray bottle (travel size) but it's sitting in the trunk right now :P So I'll start spraying it this weekend. When I spray the silver solution it helps, but not enough. I'm real interested to see what the pure zinc does!

Breakfast - watermelon
Lunch - grilled chicken (frozen, fully cooked) in baby Romaine salad w/organic ranch; Ghirardelli square
Before supper - Oreo (just 1! I was making crumbs for Ethan's cake)
Supper - vegetarian baked beans; avocado and mayo on multi-grain french bread; brownies
Other (after supper) - taste-tested the icing and Ethan and I licked the beaters ;)

Really hope I get some good sleep tonight! BUSY day tomorrow! Interested to see how being back on all my supplements affects me, especially my sleep...

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