Friday, January 7, 2011

C25k - Day 2

After not being able to run Wednesday (too late when I got home, but I had planned on not running till Thursday anyway) or Thursday ("sick" - will explain in another post), I was looking forward to working out today! Mom's PT ran late, we all came here to eat, had to feed everyone, change diapers, give Gabriel a bottle... And Mom had a couple places she needed me to bring her on the way home. So while we were home, I changed into my workout clothes and brought my watch and water bottle. After I brought her home, I dropped the boys off here with Jesse and went to the park.

I finally made it there about 4pm! Much later than I had planned but better late than never, right?! I decided to start the course at the "beginning." It eliminated the walk to the track, I had a parking spot next to it, and there were good places to stretch after.

I started my timer and started walking. My feet felt so heavy! I had to really push through the warm-up. I kept thinking that if I could get to my first jogging interval, I'd be okay. I was a bit cold too, but I had decided that I probably wouldn't need my jacket once I got going. I regretted that decision for about 5 minutes but that's it LOL

I hit my first jogging interval and took off! Tuesday I purposely took it super easy. But since I got through that workout with no problems during and very little soreness after, I figured I could take this one harder. I felt like I NEEDED to. I don't know why. Maybe to prove to myself that I could do it. Anyway, my plan was to start at a fairly fast pace and slow down a bit when I needed to. So that's what I did. The first 30 seconds were fairly easy. I pushed through the last 30. When it came time to walk, I was breathing pretty heavy but recovered well within the 90 second walk. And I had been right! After that first jogging interval, I was fine :) Hard to believe the warm-up walk was the hardest part of today LOL

I took the first 4 jogging intervals a lot faster than Tuesday. A lot faster than I thought I could. And I did it! I made it through each one! By the time my 60 was almost over, I was jogging slowly. But I was still jogging!

I must have been going at a good pace. I finished about 2 minutes faster than last time! I did the 1.25 miles in approximately 24 minutes :D Parts of the track were closed (looked like maintenance-in-progress) but I was able to jog/walk on the side of it.

Some observations about today:

1. My Transitions lenses on my eyeglasses were extremely helpful today! Parts of the course were shady, parts were very sunny. My glasses self-adjusted accordingly and it was so nice!

2. Because I was running a bit harder, I noticed a big difference between how it felt on the sidewalk parts of the track versus the parts with rocks. The cement was easier to run on, but I think the rocks were easier on my body. The rock sections didn't seem to jar me as much.

3. My ankles let me know they were there a couple times, but nothing major.

4. It felt like my right calf was getting ready to cramp when I finished. I made sure to stretch it out good after. It stayed tight for a while after I got home but eventually loosened up.

All I can think of for now... If I add any more about today's workout, it will be below this paragraph.

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