Monday, January 3, 2011


So I started the day knowing I measured a 33-35. Tried a 34 that I couldn't even get on my foot. Drove an hour to a store that had a 35 and a 36.

I tried the 35 first. Couldn't get it on at all! Tried the 36. I got it on but it felt really tight. One of the employees came to help me. He said that it would be hard to tell if they were too tight. But that I should be able to tell when a pair was too loose. Then I could go back down from there. Next size was a 37. I tried them on and they felt so much better! My foot didn't feel cramped up at all! He checked them and said they definitely were not too big and looked to be a good fit, but that it was ultimately up to me and how they felt. And oh yeah, somewhere in here he remeasured me. Right foot measured a 34-35. BUT my left foot (that hadn't been measured) was a 36-37! No wonder I couldn't get the smaller ones on that foot!

These are the ones I got Ain't they purty?! LOL I'm excited to start working out in them!

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