Monday, January 3, 2011


None of the stores in town had KSO's that fit me :-( I measured a 33-35. I tried a pair of 34 today and with my toes all the way in, the rest of my foot was too long. So at least I know I'm bigger than a 34!

Next closest place to carry them is about an hour away. I called a while ago and they have 35 and 36! So I'm headed there shortly :-) Just gotta get the boys and I packed up and ready. My mom's coming to help with the boys while I try them on.

I have a cuddly baby sucking on a bottle in my lap right now. Soon as he's done I'll start getting us ready.

I will be really upset if I don't come home with shoes! Looks like there's little chance of that happening though :-D

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