Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update on my cold (TMI warning)

I've been a bit better the past couple days. Still not close to over it though! I got the sore throat last Saturday and this is Sunday so it's been 8 days I've been sick. I know I'm not sleeping enough and therefore my body doesn't have as much opportunity to heal, but REALLY! The past few days I've wondered if my cold was turning into a sinus infection. Even if it did, I'm getting better so it doesn't matter I guess.

So here's the TMI - I'm going to talk snot here. The last half of this sickness, when I would blow my nose sometimes, especially during the night or in the morning, it would be a fluorescent yellow-green color. I've had some drainage of that color when I've done my neti pot too, but usually just from the right side. The left side is the one that's been more stuffy, the side my throat gets the tickle, and the one that the neti pot goes so slowly through. I also get a tickle in my sinuses sometimes lately when I flush that side. But this morning... I watch what's coming out when I do my neti pot Especially when I'm fighting a cold. Well, as much as I can. This morning my right side flushed some of the fluorescent mucus. But my left side... I really wish I had the sink plugged to get a good look. I felt the tickle and then I saw a HUGE, thick clump of dark green mucus come out! I don't think I've ever seen mucus that ominous looking come from my body! So I wonder if that was a pocket of infection that I was able to clear out!

I'm anxious to see how I do tonight...

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