Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good News and Bad News on the AC

The bad news came in multiple parts:
1. The ac fan is going out
2. I have a slow freon leak in a hose
3. $200 for one problem, $250 for the other...

But the good news did too:
1. They showed me where to pop with a hammer to get the fan going when it stops. That should work for a while still.
2. The freon leak is not bad at all right now. They recommended I spend less than $20 every few months to get freon put back in until I can pay to get it fixed.
3. They didn't charge me to look at it! Seeing as how I spent $1000 on that stupid ac last month...

Breakfast - canteloupe
Lunch - steak salad w/my honey mustard; Ghirardelli square
Supper - Mexican Rotini (new recipe); Cal veggies w/butter; bread and butter; chocolate chip pancakes; cookie


  1. David is suspicious of your mechanic! LOL! He said you can change an entire air conditioner for what you are spending.

  2. Every part on my car costs a freaking fortune! I've bought parts for it to be fixed myself and they ain't cheap! And those prices include labor, tax, freon, etc.