Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hormonal Imbalance?

Sure seems like it... I know my hormones are still fluctuating but this is the second month in a row that things have been bad. And they're not getting better. Last month and this month I've had the following symptoms:

Insomnia (usually when I wake up during the night to feed Gabriel)
Mood swings
Anxiety (including OCD - it usually kicks up right before my period but I notice it other times too)
My usual ovulation symptoms twice a month, about 5 days apart
Rosacea getting worse - painful actually :(
Carrying extra weight around my stomach - despite losing everywhere else (don't get me wrong, I've lost there, just not nearly as much as everywhere else - if I could lose a bit more in the waist, I could go down at least one more size!)

The 2 weeks I was on the zinc should have helped my rosacea and my hormones a bit, but I can't tell any difference. Which is unusual! I always react well and quickly to the mineral treatments.

I'll be going this week and getting a natural hormone balance formula. One of the ladies that works at my natural health place has told me the past few years it might help with some of the problems I've had. I don't remember if it's herbal, mineral-based, or a combination. I'm just anxious to try it!

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