Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Day

My Mom and the boys and I took a day trip an hour away to visit my aunt and uncle. They live about 2 1/2 hours away but my uncle is in the hospital so that's where we saw them. He's waiting on test results but it looks like cancer :-( It was great to see them (and my cousin and his family) but I wish it had been under better circumstances...

I did good with food today till supper. We went to Picadilly and I planned on getting the veggie plate. But almost all the "veggies" had meat or milk in them. So I ended up just eating a standard meal.

Breakfast - apple juice
Lunch - McDonald's - grilled chicken salad (mixed lettuces) w/ranch
Supper - Picadilly - fried cod w/tarter sauce; broccoli casserole (broccoli, rice, cheese, mushrooms, ?); carrot souffle; few bites roll w/butter; few bites pie

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