Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday's Food

I woke feeling a little better and I was hungry! At lunchtime I felt like my body needed a balanced meal so we ended up getting plate lunches from the health food store. Then I had Mom's Night Out so cheated again but supper definitely was not a healthy cheat like lunch was! I was a bit nervous because the last time I ate at the Mexican restaurant we went to last night, I ended up with a gallbladder attack :-( But I didn't have so much as a twinge last night! Last time I ate the tortilla soup and it was extra salty. Wonder if it was extra MSG-y and that's what caused the attack?

Breakfast - apple juice
Lunch - smothered chicken w/brown rice, eggplant, cookie
Supper - Posado's - appetizer sampler - steak fajita quesadilla - fajita-seasoned steak and cheeses in flour tortilla (delicious!); 2 each beef and chicken flautitas; queso; nachos - tricolor tortilla chips w/melted cheeses and seasoned ground beef; guacamole; tomatoes; sour cream. Sopapilla w/honey sauce

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