Friday, August 27, 2010

Summary of My Eating Plan + Evaluation

Breakfast - fruit and/or juice ONLY
Lunch (noon or after) - 1 protein and veggies
Supper (before 8) - carbs and veggies
Snacks - fruit

Other - must eat at least one salad a day

Forbidden - pork in any form - not sure why other than it has a lot of toxins...

How I do realistically...

Breakfast - I do pretty well just having fruit. Although I do have 1/2 cup of coffee w/Stevia and a splash of heavy cream about twice a week...
Lunch - I almost always have my salad here. A HUGE one! I eat a whole Romaine heart a day or 3 big handfulls chopped. And about 6 oz of lean meat. Any less than that and I get hungry and snacky later and am more tempted to cheat.
Supper - I frequently mix my carbs. I had beans a lot at the beginning but am eating them less often now. I'm feeling more satisfied with just grains and veggies although I still eat beans some days.
Snacks - I tend to snack on carbs if it's not long till supper.
Salad - I have a salad every day, except sometimes on days I cheat.
Pork - The only time I've had it is if it's seasoning a veggie when I'm not eating at home.

I allow myself 1-2 cheat meals a week - usually lunch. That way my body has a long time to digest everything before bed. I try to eat just a salad those nights, although sometimes I'll have a small portion of my regular supper.


  1. Hey lady! This is JungianQueen from TM. Just adding ya to "follow."

  2. Thx for letting me know who it is :-)