Monday, August 30, 2010

No AC again :(

The AC in my car went out again this afternoon! I called the mechanic and they said they couldn't check it till tomorrow. So I'll be up early to drop it off...

"Breakfast" - 1/2 cup coffee w/usual
Lunch - taco seasoned lean ground beef and carrots in Romaine salad w/my honey mustard
Before supper - couple bites of fudge (at my mom's - and it tasted way too sweet!)
Supper - the last chili burger - fixed same as last night; green beans (frozen, seasoned with salt and Mrs. Dash); cookies

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, no AC in my car would KILL ME! (dead, dying, fizzling away). I hope they can get it fixed.

    I love tacos! I found this great chipotle taco seasoning from Ortega that rocks. We make ours with ground turkey. Mmmmm.