Monday, September 27, 2010


I give up... I just took 2 ibuprofen :-( It should take out some of the inflammation and swelling. Everything is so swollen I can't breathe so I can't sleep despite being so tired :-(

The good thing is I've only used ibuprofen once in the past 8 months so it should hit my system pretty hard! And do what it's supposed to.

I'm so cold. It's the same temp in here as usual but I guess the combination of being tired and sick is what's causing it. I took my temp a while ago and it was normal. No fever :-) So I'm under my sheet, quilted blanket, Vellux blanket, and one other fairly thin one. Hope I warm up soon!

Poor Jesse had his first bout of horrible heartburn/reflux in a long time tonight. I think it's from that pizza yesterday. It's cheap for a reason ;-) He's sleeping now but I expect it to happen again tonight. I had some of my green/mint tea left so I poured it for him. It really helps digestive issues for me - hope it does the same for him.

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