Thursday, September 16, 2010

General Health Update

I am feeling pretty darn good :-)

My hormones are stabilizing! Woohoo! My emotions are less turbulent. My body has stopped having ovulation signs twice a month. My rosacea is getting better!!! My face is no longer pussy and painful. It's not clear by any stretch of the imagination. But it's definitely improving :-)

I have more energy! Despite being out of my iron for almost 2 weeks, I haven't felt like I'm dragging. It's still not easy to get out of bed, but I've NEVER had an easy time with that LOL I do sometimes still get tired in the afternoons. It happens between 230 and 4pm. Especially if it's been a fairly quiet day. And especially if I'm holding a sleeping baby ;-) I do occasionally take a short doze off and on but if Ethan notices, he makes a point of keeping me awake. I know part of my increased energy has to do with Gabriel FINALLY starting to sleep through the night a couple weeks ago. He spent about a week waking for a bottle about 6am but most nights now he sleeps through till he wakes up for the day between 730 and 830am :-) After a year (last trimester + 9 mths), I am so grateful to get some uninterrupted sleep! I don't always sleep through without waking up, but I almost always get back to sleep fairly easily. I think my body's still adjusting to the fact that I don't have a reason to wake up during the night ;-)

My weight still hasn't changed more than a pound or two since February. But things have been so stressful and that may be almost over with now. Plus I get next to no exercise. Not for lack of want... My clothes are still getting looser everywhere but my stomach. Which means I'm still disproportionate. That bugs me because of how I look, but mostly because of trying to find tops that fit. If it fits in the stomach, it's loose in the neck and goes down too low in front. Especially when I'm holding Gabriel. And if it fits in the neck, it's tight in the stomach. Empire waist shirts make me look like I'm well into my second trimester. Which wouldn't be so bad if I was pregnant but since I'm not... It doesn't help that most of the styles now are cut low in front anyway!

My hair seems to be getting thicker again. I can actually put in a ponytail with a barrette and have it not fall out immediately. I know that was mostly a postpartum thing but I'm sure the other issues didn't help!

So... I'm (mostly) keeping with my eating plan, taking my supplements, doing a sinus flush every night, keeping up my food diary on here, and looking forward to the opportunity to start exercising. Maybe once the temps get out of the 90s? ...

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