Monday, September 27, 2010

Full. Blown. Sick.

Stuffy head, sneezing, sinus pressure, sinus headache off and on, nose like a constantly dripping faucet... But no sore throat or cough :-)

Last night when I did my neti pot the second time, I was so stuffy I had to be creative to do it. Tonight was better - and I actually flushed at least one thick glop of snot - but that was before I laid down. And of course it's worse when I'm laying down, despite being somewhat propped up.

Last night I ended up sleeping with a rolled-up piece of soft toilet paper stuck into one nostril. That constant watery, thin drip... I may have to do it again tonight. For now I'm just wiping it a lot. And I have VapoRub slathered under my nose. Ugh. Scratch that. I now have a piece of rolled toilet paper with one end in each nostril. Probably looks like a bull with a ring in its nose LOL Beats wiping every 30 seconds though :-P

I got the turkey cooked today! So we have lunches for a few days. I plan to make a turkey stew with the carcass after most of the meat is gone. Mmmmm...

Breakfast - banana (nonorganic)
Lunch - turkey breast in usual salad; Ghirardelli square
Supper - mashed potatoes (8 servings instant) w/butter, parsley, and garlic (5 cloves); Cal veggies; piece of cake

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