Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Jesse and I both had appointments at the same place this morning but the person I needed to see was sick so the boys and I had to find something to do. I drove past a few fast food places, with the windows down, and they smelled soooo good! But instead of giving in, the boys and I grabbed a couple things at Walmart, including bananas. And ya better believe I busted one out as soon as we were in the car!

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - chicken breast in usual salad; Ghirardelli square
Before supper - couple bites cccd
Supper - biscuits (Bisquick, made with rice milk) made w/mustard powder and parsley flakes w/butter; peas w/butter; piece of cake

I'm back to sweets tasting too sweet. Happy about that :)

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