Thursday, April 21, 2011

Way Overdue... Flush Time!

I've known for a while I needed to do another liver/ gallbladder flush. But I've been putting it off. I can't plan one for when I won't be home a few days in a row. It can't include Sunday. Etc. Etc.

I talked to my natural health place a while back about some concerns I had at that time with doing one and they recommended doing a 2- day instead of a 3. They said it wouldn't be as effective but it would still do a lot of good.

My stomach has been acting up a bit lately. A flush might help and certainly won't hurt! And it's time... It's been over 13 months. I like to do them twice a year so it was way overdue!

Here's how it's done ( copied and pasted from my post last year):

Day 1-3: Eat nothing but fruits and veggies - unlimited amount. They can be cooked and/or seasoned, but ZERO fat! No starchy veggies eg sweet potatoes, corn. I usually make a veggie soup Day 2 with organic vegetable broth as a base.

Each day, drink 1/2 gallon unfiltered apple juice/cider. Fresh squeezed is best. If you buy it, make sure you can see the pulp that settles to the bottom of the jug so you know it's unfiltered. You can also drink water, tea, or other juices. But make sure to drink all your apple juice! The apple juice breaks down the gallstones/liver stones so they will be easier to pass and don't get stuck.

Night of Day 3: This is when you do the actual flush. Get ready for bed. Just before bed, mix together 4 oz FRESH SQUEEZED lemon juice and 4 oz extra virgin olive oil. Drink. Get it down within a minute or two. IMMEDIATELY lie on your right side in bed. Make sure the mixture stays down at least 1 hour! You can take some ginger about 30 minutes before you drink the nasty-tasting stuff to help the nausea. A heating pad on your liver and gallbladder area may also help. I keep something to throw up in by the bed just in case. Lay on your right side at least 1 hour.

Sometime during the night or the next day you will pass the crushed stones. Plan on staying home Day 4 ;-) I've never had explosive bowel movements from the flush but some people do. You can drink another 8 oz apple juice the morning of Day 4 as a natural laxative.

The first couple times I flushed I did see some stones - you may or may not. You can start back on a normal diet on Day 4, but eat lowfat and foods that are fairly easy to digest until your body can handle heavier foods again.

I'll check in with how it's going in a bit...

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