Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 2...

Today is definitely starting better than yesterday! Gabriel woke up really early but Jesse took care of him so I could lay down a little longer. Dozed off and on but enjoyed my Ethan cuddles :)

My stomach feels better. Not normal, but definitely better than yesterday. I'm lightheaded when I stand up. Sitting is okay so I'm doing a lot of it ;)

Poor Ethan last night asked me to "put on cooking." I told him not for a couple days. Having Food Network on would really be torture!

So far today I've had a banana and about 20 oz apple juice. Not bad for it being a little after noon! I'm drinking a different brand of juice today. It's not as sweet but it's not tart. Just tastes different. Goes down easier.

I'm headed to go fix the boys sandwiches for lunch. Think I'll heat up my soup too. Wish I had enough left for two meals but I always end up throwing a bunch away so I made a much smaller batch this time. I might not even want it again tonight!

Will update in this post later...

7:40pm - I finished my apple juice about 5pm :) I tried to finish it early to minimize what happened last night. Between the time I laid down in bed and went to sleep, I had to get up 3 times to pee! And not just a little - full-bladder-can't-hold-any-more-getting-painful issues :P In addition to the aggravation it is for me, I had to have Jesse come in the room because Gabriel wakes up whenever I get out of bed. Not fun... Hopefully no repeat of that tonight! Especially during the hour after I drink the stuff.

I'm definitely feeling better today. Physically and emotionally. I had a much calmer start to the day, and I think that helped a lot. I'm still lightheaded. Low on energy. But the tummy issues of yesterday are not nearly as bad :)

Lunch and supper were both soup leftovers. I had enough for both meals! I added mustard to it both times. Yummy! I woke up thinking it would be a good addition and it was :)

Soon I'll be getting ready for bed. The last thing I'll do is prepare the concoction. Jesse wants to pray with me before I drink it :) I was hoping to read on my nook for the hour but it's decided to not work :( At least I have access to my books on my phone with the nook app! Not nearly as easy on the eyes but it'll do.

I still don't know what I want for my first "real" meal tomorrow. I'll stick to fruit only till noon like usual. Till last year when I started this eating plan, I would get a club sandwich from Subway as my first meal. It was lowfat, easy on my stomach, but still gave me protein, carbs, and veggies. I keep going back and forth between doing that or sticking to my eating plan and just doing a protein meal. Hmmm...

I'll update again during my hour...

10:45 pm - Well, my part is done. Just gotta let my body do its thing now. The concoction wasn't too hard to get down. I took five gulps at a time. The taste didn't bother me but the nausea hit about halfway through. As I told Jesse earlier, when you follow 240 grams of sugar (apple juice) with 114 grams of pure fat, your body's not going to like it :p It's been an hour and a half and the nausea still comes and goes. It'll be like this till lunch tomorrow most likely.

Speaking of lunch... I think I've decided to go with a sub. Dunno if I'll go to Subway or get stuff to make my own.

I think this is the first flush I've done that I'm actually hungry after the hour! It's a good sign :) The more toxic your body is, the harder the flush is on it. I don't remember ever being hungry after!

I'm still nauseous off and on but not bad. And I have some heartburn. Gee, imagine that :p But overall this has gone pretty well!

Really looking forward to some real food tomorrow :D And a Ghirardelli square ;)

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