Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Officially a Member! / My First VFF Step Workout

I got my health club membership today! I went this morning to take a tour and liked what I saw :)

So... I did my first workout today! I did a 45-minute step and tone class. I haven't taken a step class in over 10 years so it was a bit, um, interesting :p I was proud of myself for staying on the step the whole time (it wasn't so high intensity that I had to stop using it for a while) although I wasn't going at quite the speed the instructor was. I kept up pretty good during the toning except for one part. We had to lay on our backs on the step and we did some ab work. Putting pressure on my lower back HURT. I moved to the cushy, springy floor to try there but it still hurt :(

After the class, I stopped to ask the instructor about the ab exercise issue and she told me, "You did good!" I mentioned that it was my first step class in over 10 years. Her eyes got big and she said, "You did GOOD!!!" LOL

In a lot of ways, step is like riding a bike. Once you're pretty good at it, your body remembers fairly easily. Not that it's easy in intensity, but you're not constantly looking down at your feet to make sure you don't miss the step ;)

I felt a lot more stable in my vff's than I would have in regular shoes. It was nice to be able to feel that I had solid footing, and to be able to tell when I was close to the edge.

As for how my body felt... Towards the beginning I really felt it in my left ankle! That's the one that has the metal rod and pins in it. We did a lot of on-and-off-the-end-of-the-step (stepping up and down sideways) and that's not a motion I do in my day to day life! I tried to take it gentle stepping down on that side but it got easier the further along we got :) I was hot and slightly out of breath more than anything! It was definitely an intense workout! I'm not sore at all. I expect to be a bit sore when I wake up tomorrow though ;)

Jesse asked me a while back if I was going to need to make changes in my eating plan to accommodate regular workouts. I shouldn't have to, but I'm making an extra effort to listen to my body and its nutritional needs. When I finished tonight, I was craving some carbs. Which was good since my veggie/carb meal was tonight ;) On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and one of the things I grabbed was some fresh french bread. I had a small piece in the car and was satisfied till supper. I ate a LOT of veggies tonight! It's what I really wanted. I bought a bunch of asparagus and roasted it. And ate it all myself :p YUM! Plus I had some fresh veggies too! I think I'd like to bring some juice for after my workouts. I would've been happy with it today, and it would've been healthier than the french bread. I need to do a little research on post-workout foods and see what might work well with my eating plan.

I have to bring my car to be looked at tomorrow. My mechanic needs to see what parts he needs to order to fix my ac. Exercise for the rest of the week depends on what happens with the car.

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