Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Workout

Gabriel has not been eating much supper and then waking up hungry, wanting a bottle, once or twice a night this week. Last night he woke up at 12:45 and again at 6! Plus the thunderstorms woke up. So my sleep was really choppy. I'm definitely feeling it today :(

I dealt with the car all morning.

Ethan was having a bad day and as much as I wanted to go work out just to not have to deal with him for a while, I couldn't leave him in their nursery acting like he was.

So I didn't make it to the health club today. I don't think I'll go tomorrow either. Thursday we have the next round of assessments and Friday we'll be gone so it would be nice to have a day this week I can stay home!

I wasn't sore when I got up. It didn't hit till this afternoon. I mainly feel it in my inner thighs. We didn't do a lot of toning so I didn't expect it would be bad. When I was taking the step/tone class years ago, it was the toning that killed me! But it's also what I saw quick results from...

There are some toning classes offered every other week. I need to find a way to work them into my schedule! One is at 530am - don't think I'll be making that one ;) But I can probably plan for another one.

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  1. When I was in Florida I use to go to a water aerobics class, my favorite because of my ankle and knee issues, super early in the morning that ways I could shower and get to work on time. I liked it because it was a small group and everyone there got to know each other, which meant automatic accountability because they knew that you were missing!!