Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 1

I started the day by picking up food for the next 2 days. Easy ( mostly frozen) stuff for Jesse and the boys - pot pies, lunchmeat, the boys' favorite organic TV dinner, organic spaghetti o's, organic boxed mac and cheese. For me, veggies and veggie broth for soup, veggies, unfiltered apple juice, lemons and extra virgin olive oil for the actual flush.

Then home to get started! I heated up some frozen veggies for lunch and started drinking apple juice. I also put my soup on to simmer for later. I'll eat some tonight and some tomorrow.

It's 330 and I've drank my first 32 oz already. I need to refill it but Gabey-baby's asleep on me.

I'll update again later in this post...

6:45pm - I'm hungry. But not for more soup. I'm remembering why I end up eating so little while I flush - I love veggies, but eating them by themselves and not eating anything else gets old quick! Really glad I'm only doing a 2-day...

I did do something different with the soup though that helped it seem more satisfying. I put fennel seeds in it. Why? Because when I smell them, I think of fatty, meaty Italian sausage! So I added the fennel seeds to give it some "fake" meat flavor :p

52 oz of apple juice down, 12 to go! Trying to finish by 8. Think I'll make it :)

Will update here again before bed...

915pm - I finished my apple juice a little after 7. Drank tea between then and now. My stomach and I are feeling worse. I had diarrhea late this afternoon. Now I'm nauseous and feel like I'll be headed to the bathroom soon. But I've felt like that all evening. I don't know if it's from the flush, if my body decided to do a detox while I'm eating little, or what. I don't feel good. I'm chilly. I'm gassy. It's possible I've been fighting a stomach virus this week ( especially considering Jesse's stomach was messed up earlier in the week).

Regardless, one day down, one to go! Sooo glad I'm only doing a 2!

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