Monday, October 4, 2010

Something Else About the Farm Tour

I walked a LOT. Over uneven ground. In thick and fairly high grass. With Gabriel on my hip in the Moby. He weighs 18-19 lbs. If you add that to my current weight it's still less than I weighed before I got pregnant with him. About 20 less...

I really felt the difference of walking with the extra weight. It was probably worse because of the terrain, but still. At my heaviest I was carrying almost FIFTY lbs more than I am now. All. The. Time.

It makes me wonder... If I would've done the tour before I was pregnant, how hard would the walking have been? Would it have been easier because I was used to carrying the weight? Or harder because I weighed more?

I wore a new pair of tennies for the first time. I got them because the only shoes that fit me are my sandals and I knew there was no way I could do all that walking in them. Never mind with Gabriel. They're just a pair of Dr. Scholl's, nothing fancy. I wonder if some of my walking difficulty was from wearing the shoes for the first time.

When I was walking the last long stretch (I rode the hayride back instead of walking) the terrain was the toughest of the tour. I was getting tired, and was very thankful for my tennies giving my feet some stability. It may have been easier too if Gabriel had been in a more balanced hold but he hasn't tolerated any other hold since he was a newborn.

I wonder what the tour would've been like for me at my prepregnancy weight. Or 15 lbs heavier at my highest. Would I have been able to walk it? Or would I have had to take advantage of the hayride for the whole tour? Hmmm...

I'm really glad I'm speaking theoretically. And hoping by the time we do another tour I'll be carrying less weight - even with a heavier baby :-)

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