Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planned Cheat Meal

I had planned a cheat meal for this week, just didn't know when I was going to take it. Well, today seemed like a good day. And since I was cheating, I went all out on dessert too.

"Breakfast" - 1/2 cup of coffee w/usual
Lunch - Chili cheese dogs - beef hot dogs, homemade chili, cheddar, mayo, mustard on wheat bun; slice of cheesecake w/blueberry pie filling
Supper - apple juice (wasn't hungry)

I got tired of bananas for breakfast. Seems like I do that - eat one fruit for a while, then get tired of it and move on to something else. I had an apple earlier this week and it was yummy so I'm guessing that'll be the next thing. I need to find some organic ones though - they taste so much better! Plus I can eat the skin so it's less prep ;)

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