Monday, March 7, 2011

Ice Cream

So... Ice cream is definitely a cheat! And my stomach has issues with ice cream, frozen yogurt, really anything in it with regular milk. I take a couple lactase tablets when I eat it, but it still bothers me a bit.

I bought some Rice Dream "ice cream" last week and tried a bit tonight. It's not bad! Especially with whipped cream and homemade chocolate syrup on top ;) Definitely not real ice cream though.

I want to pull out my ice cream maker soon and experiment with rice milk-based ice creams. My best friend is diabetic and is having issues with milk so I'd like to try some almond milk and Splenda ones for her too.

First I need to clear out enough room in my freezer to stick my ice cream maker bowl in there. Then I need to devise recipes and actually find the time to make them...

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  1. Awww... you are so sweet to think of me... love you lots!