Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How'd I Do with All That Produce?

When I got it all home, I wondered if I'd really use it all! Here's how I did:

red and green bell peppers - eaten
tomatoes - eaten
carrots - eaten (all 3 lbs LOL well, some is in the leftovers :p)
avocadoes - ate 1/2 of 1, other 1/2 went bad, other 1 is still in fridge waiting ;)
celery - used about 1/2 so far
limes - bought to put in water - got an upset tummy the first time I used them so haven't again
green onions - used 1 bunch, other is still in fridge but only about 1/2 of it is usable
grapes - ate some, rest in fridge - weren't that sweet
dried apple rings - boys have been snacking on them
peeled garlic - used some, Ethan spilled almost the rest (he was so upset!), last few cloves are in the fridge
sun-dried tomatoes - haven't used
potatoes, fresh parsley and shallots for the herbed potatoes - potatoes went bad before I could make it :( and shallots are bad now
Romaine - eaten
apples - ate some, rest in fridge
red potatoes - made pumpkin smashed taters with all of them, froze leftovers
ETA mushrooms - forgot about them! - ate Thurs lunch

So overall I think we did pretty good! I'll probably make another trip to the produce stand Friday. Don't know if I'll get as much, but we'll see. Tonight I did decide supper based on what was still in the fridge, and if I hadn't had all those veggies in there, we probably wouldn't have eaten as healthy!

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