Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

Saturday and Sunday we were out of town. Went to a funeral Saturday, stayed the night at a hotel, then visited my dad on the way back home and ended up staying for the Super Bowl :)

Saturday I had raisins during the drive there. Coffee w/usual. Lunch and supper were food people brought for the family.

Sunday morning I ate a waffle w/butter at the hotel. Coffee w/sugar and 1/2 and 1/2. I could tell I ate white flour for breakfast. I had the munchies all day! Super Bowl snacks - raw veggies w/ranch; apples w/homemade caramel dip; cheese w/Ritz; Ghirardelli square. Sausage gumbo w/white rice for supper. Coffee w/sugar and whole milk before driving home.

Monday - no breakfast, just coffee w/usual. Lunch was chicken breast in usual salad; Ghirardelli square. Before supper - small fast food fries. Mom's Night Out for supper - Mexican - chile relleno; shrimp chimichanga; chicken burrito (ate most of it); little bit of rice and beans; queso. Frozen coffee drink (w/chocolate) and whipped cream after.

Tuesday (today) - no breakfast (slept in!). Lunch - tuna salad salad; Ghirardelli square. Supper - IHOP - egg (over easy); hash browns; pancakes w/butter pecan syrup and butter-like substance.

Was hoping to run today but it didn't happen :(

Need to get back on track with eating...

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