Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Do I Drink?

Few times a week - 1/2 cup coffee (not decaf) - usually dark roast (brewed w/ or w/o cinnamon). On Sunday, Dutch Chocolate Almondine flavored coffee (medium-dark roast)

Few times a month - tea - usually mix of decaf green and Mint Medley (both Bigelow brand) - very good for upset tummy! Sometimes sweetened w/Stevia, usually unsweetened. Occasionally, decaf black tea, occasionally w/Stevia, usually unsweetened

Most of the time I drink plain water. Well, Dasani. It's the only water I can drink a good bit of that doesn't make me nauseous. I think it's because of the purification process. Reverse osmosis is very good at removing un desirables from water! I drink an average of 48 oz a day. I would like to increase that though. I fill a 32 oz bottle w/straw and drink from it all day. I occasionally put a lime in my water but I have to be careful with that because I have a mild citrus allergy.

Very rarely I will have a soft drink or other sugar-sweetened beverage. Like a few times a year. I've never been a big soda drinker. And once or twice a year I'll have an alcoholic beverage. It's been at least a year and a half since my last one.

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