Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Slowly but surely I'm feeling better. My sinuses are a lot better but I am still really run down. The least bit of exertion makes me out of breath. I think it's partly from being sick, and partly from the antibiotics. At least my stomach has eased up from them! Tomorrow is my last dose. My gallbladder has had little twinges but nothing major. I was concerned about how it would handle all the chemicals in the medicines (I've had to take ibuprofen off and on for the past two-ish months to relieve the pressure and swelling in my sinuses). But it's doing okay. I think the twinges have been from the stomach upset more than anything.

Breakfast - leftover corn dog casserole

1/2 cup coffee w/Demarara and cream (I'm out of stevia)

Lunch - tuna/Alfredo sauce/peas/few bites garlic bread

Later - chocolate almonds

Supper - roast beef in romaine salad with bleu cheese dressing; small piece of cake (Funfetti w/homemade chocolate buttercream)

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