Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well, One Thing Hasn't Changed...

White flour at breakfast makes it a lot harder to eat healthy the rest of the day! I had somewhere to be this morning and nothing at home I could grab for a quick breakfast so I ended up with fast food. I did good with lunch, then ate way too much dessert. And by suppertime I had a crying teething toddler who had a meltdown whenever I stepped out of arm's reach of him, and being up and down all night for days in a row with one or the other kid puking had taken its toll in me so we ended up ordering out. Not the healthiest, but I could've done much worse!

Breakfast - chicken biscuit from McDonald's - non-pork, non-egg protein fast food choices are very limited at breakfast :(
Lunch - 93/7 ground beef w/turkey bacon and Essence; 1/2 red potato w/butter; cheddar (all mixed together); chocolate chip cookie dough
Supper - roast beef po-boy w/mayo, lettuce, tomato (no gravy); garlic cheese bread
Dessert - strawberries and banana pureed with a drizzle of homemade dark chocolate syrup

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