Monday, June 13, 2011


So the plan this weekend was to prep Sunday's breakfast Saturday night. Well, I was feeling bad, fighting a cold - lightheaded, stuffy, etc. So it didn't happen :( Then I didn't get up until the last minute Sunday morning because I still didn't feel good. The boys had leftover eggs. I was hungry and needed to eat. Trying to find healthy fast food at breakfast is impossible! I ended up getting a steak/egg/cheese bagel from McDonald's. I ate the half of bagel with the meat, cheese, and onions. The boys split the egg half. I also had a hashbrown. Had some coffee w/usual when I woke up.

Lunch was Italian buffet. Quick, close, and cheap!

Supper... Gabriel took a long, late nap on me (his second of the day). It was late when he woke up so I just ate about 2 oz of chicken (oo, Essence) and a little celery.

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