Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long Few Days...

Jesse's getting over an eye infection that came on quick and got bad fast :(

Friday I ran errands. I got a bit overheated, came home and cooled off, and got back out again. I was in the grocery store, almost done with the few things I needed, when I got really weak. I made it to the pharmacy area where I knew there was a chair. At that point my legs were so shaky I couldn't stand up. My hands were shaking so bad I barely could type a text to Jesse about what was going on. It felt like I had gotten overheated again, but with a delayed reaction. I sat for a while (poor boys were ready to get moving!) then made it to the checkout and home. The rest of the day I couldn't walk without leaning heavily on a wall because my legs were still so shaky. I figured I'd feel better after a good night's sleep. Well... I woke up Saturday and only felt marginally better :( I was still having trouble walking, lightheaded etc.

Today is Tuesday and I'm still not back to normal! I'm short of breath easily, and worn out after very little exertion.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on. I even took a pregnancy test yesterday just to be sure (it was negative, as I expected). I do have a theory...

We ate out a LOT while we were moving. And even in the weeks after. I think my body is detoxing all the chemicals in the food we ate. In a lot of ways this does feel like my big detox last year. I suspected my body was starting a detox last week. Now that we're eating healthier again, I think the better food triggered it. Not that we've been eating totally healthy, but definitely better than we did while we were moving! So I think the heat affected me a lot more.

So that's my theory...

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