Friday, February 24, 2012

Rough Grocery Trip

I don't know why it was particularly hard today... Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten enough. Maybe it was because money's been so tight the past couple weeks and I haven't had my usual grocery budget. Maybe it was because I haven't had my supplements like I'm supposed to (see preceding sentence). Maybe it's because last night we ate out for the first time since being wheat-free (buffet with Jesse's family) and I smelled the bread and pasta and watched everyone else enjoy it. Maybe... Maybe it was just one of those times...

I think if I didn't have to pick up something for supper it would've been easier. But I did. All of our heat-and-eat and drive thru/ordering in options involve something one of us can't eat. So it's really tough! Sometimes you just NEED to be able to grab a burger on the way home. Or something else quick and easy. The boys wanted macaroni and cheese. But we don't like the only GF one I've found and I certainly didn't have time to make it from scratch tonight!

I walked through the last two grocery stores (we went to three) trying to figure out what to do about supper. At the second to last stop, I grabbed some bananas to hold us over. I hoped it would give me some energy to think but no such luck. I was able to make it till we got home without anything else at least!

So what did I settle on? A bag of frozen grilled chicken breasts and potato chips. The potato chips were GF. I didn't look for GF ones, these had mostly "real" ingredients and just happened to be GF. The chicken had a tiny bit of wheat. Which is good because it needs to stay in the boys' systems. And because I was feeling down, I bought us a treat - we each had half a Gold Brick Egg for dessert.

I really think my frustration tonight was supper. I had to wait till today to shop and there wasn't anything at home I could cook ahead. This isn't the first time I've been in this situation but it's the first time it's bothered me so much... I was thinking tonight while trying to figure out supper about what carb to have with the chicken. Not that the chicken itself sounded good, but it was heat-and-eat. My quick carb options are greatly reduced. In the past I would've picked up some hamburger buns and made chicken sandwiches. But I wasn't at the store that has GF bread. Never mind how expensive it is! So that wasn't an option :( We've been eating mainly rice and potatoes (along with a couple meals of millet) and I felt burnt out on them. I didn't have pasta beyond what I needed for the week's meals and couldn't go to the only store that has it. I make an effort to keep extra but we've used that up these leaner weeks.

Don't get me wrong! I'm EXTREMELY thankful to have the options I do have! But this is a big shift and change isn't always easy... I've done so well mentally with our new way of eating. Guess I was due for a rough one...

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