Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Week Wheat-Free

We've gone Monday to Sunday so far with no obvious wheat. I think we've only had one meal that had it in any form - a can of vegetarian baked beans that had modified food starch. It was pretty far down on the list of ingredients though.

I've had some mild symptoms that are probably detox - a few itchy whelps, some inflammation, nothing major. Ethan doesn't seem any different. Gabriel is having a rough week teething so can't tell if he's having any symptoms.

I don't know how long we'll go. Honestly, I was hoping to eat out after church today and we would've had wheat products then. But we ate at home.

Regardless of when we start eating wheat again, I want to cut down how much we eat. We had been eating more than usual lately. That's part of the reason I wanted to cut it out totally for a while. It's just so convenient! Having sandwich bread opens up lots of quick meal options. Premade pizza crust? Simple and versatile! $1.50 double cheeseburgers from BK? Nice when you've been running errands all day and need a quick supper! Etc.

One new product we tried this week that I really liked - Blue Diamond Nut Thins brand crackers. They are wheat-free and gluten-free. They're sort of a cross between a cracker and a tortilla chip. I bought the Hint of Sea Salt flavor:
Ingredients: rice flour, almonds, potato starch, expeller pressed safflower oil, sea salt, natural almond flavor, natural butter flavor
They weren't expensive either. The 4.25 oz box was $1.99. I'll definitely be getting them again! Yesterday I mixed together organic PB (natural AB for the boys) and Simply Fruit jelly and we ate it with the crackers instead of on bread. Tonight we had the crackers with tuna salad. Don't remember what else we had them with...

I'll check back in after our first wheat. Curious to see how our bodies react!

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