Friday, September 30, 2011

Meal Plan

Saturday through Monday. Tuesday I have an event that starts at 4pm and won't be over till at least 8pm so I haven't figured out what to do about lunch and supper that day...

Cottage cheese/eggs, peaches
Bacon, Eggo's
My sausage patties in canned biscuits with cheddar

Honey mustard BBQ sloppy joes, cucumber soup (new recipe)
Creamy white chili (new recipe)

Roasted red bell pepper alfredo w/leftover turkey, french bread
Leftover turkey in salad w/Craisins
Mom's Night Out?

I also have the ingredients for creamed carrots (new recipe). They were supposed to be for supper tonight but I ended up going grocery shopping this afternoon instead of this morning and opted for something quick for supper!

If the new recipes are good, I'll post them :)

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