Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to the Gym :) C25K, Wk 1 Day 1. Take #???

I FINALLY made it back to the gym today!!! I've been trying and trying to go but between trading sickness, my back, etc, it just hasn't happened :( Till today :)

Gabriel took an early nap. I didn't get much sleep last night, housework needed to be done, supper needed to be prepped, my workout clothes had to be unearthed (haven't used them since we moved)... In short, there were lots of reasons I "couldn't" go.

Jesse got his own workout moving boxes to find my clothes while I prepped supper. I left a dirty kitchen. I realized when I got there I also left my purse at home... with my driver's license in it. Good thing I didn't miss it!

It's been 4 months since I went to the gym. When I got there I didn't recognize the trainer at the desk (I assume she's the new one) but she smiled and told me hi. I brought the boys to the nursery and headed to the treadmills. One of the trainers (the one who did my orientation class) was doing a private training session near the treadmills. She stopped me, mentioned she hadn't seen me in a long time, and asked how I was doing. I told her we had moved and been passing sickness around. She was genuinely concerned and genuinely happy to see me. She asked what my plan was for today's workout. I told her my intention was to just get in the door and that I was getting on the treadmill to do a C25K workout. She encouraged me so much! Told me it was a good idea to ease back into working out. Said that I had done good just coming back. She sounded pleased that I had come in with a specific workout laid out. She told me I would feel so good once I got back in the routine of working out. I told her I had been dying to get back and got a big grin in response :) Just the fact that she remembered me and stopped me to say hi was encouraging, never mind the rest!

The workout itself wasn't too bad. I used the C25K app and had an operator error that made me walk an extra 5 minutes at the beginning but it went smoothly after that ;) I streamed the Pandora Christian Rock station through my headphones. That didn't work out so well. The music was too slow for my workout :( I want to get some MP3's on my phone and do a playlist. I won't be able to have it for next time but hopefully soon... Jesse suggested I stream Air1 through their app next time. I think I'll try that instead.

As for the workout itself... I ended up with a 10-minute warm-up. Which was probably a good thing. I worked up to 2.7 on the treadmill during the warm-up and used that speed for my walking intervals. My jogs were at 3.3. I'm satisfied with those speeds. I had to push through the last 10 seconds of my jogs, and the walks felt brisk but I recovered fairly well before my next jog. I think those were the speeds I was using in May. My hamstrings and butt were sore the first couple jogs but were okay after. I didn't really struggle till the last jog.

I stretched for a few minutes after but didn't feel very tight. I was HOT so I headed to the sinks and splashed cold water on my face for a while. It helped :)

It was hot outside so I didn't cool off completely until after I got home. Once I cooled off, I was STARVING! I ate supper, some dessert, then some leftovers before I was finally full :p

Looking forward to my next workout!

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