Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night

I took it really easy today. Lunch was the precooked steak strips, rice, beef broth, and some cheese, all mixed together. I enjoyed a Ghirardelli 72% for dessert :) Supper was canned chicken mixed with rice, butter, and parsley, buttered peas on the side. And another chocolate :yum The chocolate tasted so good today!

Late this afternoon I had another BM. It was round 1 of the concoction working its way through. There was some gritty stuff in the toilet. Based on last time I know I dissolved a stone, I'm pretty sure that was the remnants of the stuck stone :)

My stomach feels like round 2 is coming. Eventually :p

For now, I'm thankful that I can eat regular food again! Hopefully in the morning I'll be okay to drink a cup of coffee. This is the third day in a row without caffeine and I miss it! No withdrawal symptoms though :) I was a little surprised I didn't have so much as a slight headache!

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