Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Morning

After I got the concoction down, the rest of the night went pretty well :) I put on some quiet worship music and read on my nook for the hour. When my timer went off, I sipped some mint/green tea. I had minimal heartburn and nausea. Phew!

I slept through the night. Woke up earlier than I hoped but thankful for the sleep I got! Not long after I woke up I had a BM. It was a little loose but almost normal. I know there's another one coming, and that one WON'T be normal :p

After the BM, I was pretty nauseous :( Thankfully it passed before too long. Until I walked into the kitchen... The juiced lemon carcasses were still on the counter. I got one whiff of them and started gagging :( Jesse came and put them in the trash for me while I turned on the ac fan to help dissipate the smell.

My stomach feels yucky. I know that big, bad BM is coming. But I can happily (and thankfully!) report that I can no longer feel the stone :) There's some lingering soreness where it was but that's it!

So far today I've just eaten a banana. I bought some precooked steak strips and romaine for today, but I don't know if we'll have that for lunch or supper.

I'm really encouraged that 1. I don't feel the stone, and 2. I tolerated the concoction really well once I got it down. Supposedly, the more toxic your body is, the worse your body reacts to it. Last flush was pretty bad. I thought this one would be too since my body was so rundown etc.

The fast/juice was rough :( But I'm not feeling too bad today, all things considered. I feel the effects of the fast. I'm a little nauseous when I stand up but that's from lack of food. I have to remind myself to go slow with food today. And fairly low fat.

I'm so glad it's over...

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