Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunflower Seeds and Sweat

Nope, this isn't a post about baseball ;)

I used to be able to eat sunflower seeds and foods with sunflower seeds with no problems. In fact, while I was pregnant with Ethan, Jesse worked near a Chick-Fil-A and I would stop there once a week for their chicken, egg, and cheese multi-grain bagel at breakfast. When I got pregnant for Gabriel, I noticed that when I took a bite of the bagel that had a sunflower seed in it, my mouth would itch. So I would pick them out. It got worse. Eventually I couldn't eat the bagel sandwich at all because my mouth would burn and swell. I've unintentionally eaten things with ground sunflower seeds since then and the same thing happened :(

A couple weeks ago I needed to mix some seed for our pet birds. I buy parakeet mix and add a cockatiel mix to it. Well... I decided to mix it in the big jar I store it in. With my hand. I stuck my arm in almost elbow deep and started mixing it together, swirling my arm around in the seed. I had done it before without any problems. But this time was different... My arm started itching a bit and burning. I realized what was happening and pulled my arm out. I stood dumbfounded for a minute then ran to the bathroom. I washed both hands and the arm that was breaking out. I eventually got a bit itchy all over but it was only my arm that broke out in whelps. Of course, this happened close to bedtime. So I took a dose of Benadryl just in case. The next morning I was fine except for a slight case of Benadryl hangover :p

Since then, I've been extra careful to not touch the seed when I feed the birds!

So... Sweat.

I've never sweat much. Ever. I was the child who would be overheated and dry, while everyone around me was soaking wet and feeling okay. It wasn't much better as an adult :(

Until recently :)

I SWEAT!!! And boy, does it feel good LOL

After this last increase in my iron dosage, I am sweating a lot more. And staying so much cooler :) Considering I'm driving around in a car with no ac with heat indexes in the 100s, this is a very good thing!

I suspect it's a combination of factors that's making me sweat, but my iron seems to be making the biggest difference. I've noticed in the past that when my iron is low, I barely sweat at all. And since I'm taking my highest ever dosage of iron, I'm sweating the most in my life.

And I'm very happy about it :)

Bet you've never seen a person so excited about getting sweaty ;)

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