Friday, April 20, 2012

General Update...

Let me pick up with the meeting after the allergy testing with the natural health place... I met with the owner. He looked at all their individual results and said to keep Ethan from eating peanuts, and try to keep things clean. We also discussed the supplements we're currently taking. It had been a while since I had met with him and they've come out with some new products since then. He recommended we switch two things we were taking for two of the newer products. The new products have more in them and are only a few dollars more for a big bottle. He told me that one of them "could" produce a detox reaction so for me to be aware of that when I started it. Well...

The second day we took it, both boys ended up with diarrhea :( My gut feeling was that it was from one of the new supplements. I called the place and talked to the lady who usually helps me. She agreed that it was likely the detox supplement that was giving them problems. Especially since I react so strongly to things! I didn't give them any for a couple days, then started them back with 1/2 dose. They did fine :) I upped it after a few days to their current dose, which is still a little lower than the initial dose. I really think it was just too much for them!

While I was getting the levels adjusted for the boys, I also started them on B and a lowish dose of iron. Gabriel had been complaining of being tired all the time and his eyes hurting. After a few days on the iron and B, he's been much better! He also stopped taking 3 hour naps. I think it helped him regulate better. Ethan seems to have more energy and his anxiety has been less too.

When something "might" cause a detox reaction, I know I'm in for it :p My body has gone through at least one weird detox cycle since starting the new supplements. I say weird, because it was a bit different than my usual one. I don't know if it was because the supplement was targeting different things in my body, if I was detoxing more of the wheat, if I was detoxing more effectively because I've stopped eating wheat, or all of the above ;) But I had some things happen that had never happened before. One of my teeth hurt. But I could tell it wasn't anything to do with the tooth itself. Days later my lymph nodes on that side swelled and I had an aha moment as I realized they were connected. My mom said my lymph node probably swelled to the inside first, which was putting pressure on that tooth. Then I only noticed after it swelled a bit and was super sensitive to touch. When it started getting better, I ended up with a humongous pimple under the skin on that side, on my jawline near that lymph node. I think my node was trying to filter the extra toxins (not unusual during a detox, but a first for me), then it tried to release something in that pimple. If I get a sore throat, stuffy nose, tooth sensitivity, anything, it's always on that side. Maybe there's some slight infection deep in that side of my face and it's starting to clear out. I hope so anyway ;) I'm feeling a bit better now but still detoxing some.

One great first from this detox cycle? NO ANXIETY!!!!! My anxiety has been so much better since being wheat-free, and anxiety is usually one of my major symptoms of detox. While I physically felt crummy, and my mind was not real clear, at least I wasn't dealing with bad anxiety on top of it like I always have in the past :D

On to another subject...

I've moved us closer to being gluten-free. As we've used up products without obvious wheat but that still may have traces, I've bought completely GF versions. I got GF oat flour a few weeks ago. I found GF soy sauce (had no clue that soy sauce had so much wheat in it!). GF frozen fries. Etc.

I have a recipe for homemade GF bread but the ingredients are expensive! I can't use regular dry milk, and dry milk substitutes are expensive :( Xanthan gum is almost $15/bag but it will last a LONG time. After I make my first loaf, if it's good I'll post the recipe. Probably will be quite a while though.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now... I'll be trying some new recipes soon, so if they're good, I'll post them. And I'll try to post updates more often! Jesse has been working an insane amount of hours (regular work-from-home job, plus laying groundwork to get his personal business off the ground), so things have been pretty crazy! I took advantage of him and Gabriel napping to snag the computer for a while to type this up ;)

Till next time... <3

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