Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Allergy Tests Are Not for the Weak

The boys did their allergy testing this morning. It was the skin prick one. They did really well with it! As well as could be expected anyway... They both showed allergies to dust mites (who doesn't?) and had very minor reactions to pollens. Ethan reacted pretty strongly to peanuts. No big surprise there!

I requested an extra group of foods to test for both of them. So they each ended up with 7 trays of 8 needles in each. Each tray was done all at once. So they had 8 pricks at once, 7 times. I read that they only go into the first layer of skin but it seemed like it was deeper :( I also read that it was not painful. Even before today I could've told you that was a load of, well, let's put it nicely. That's an utter lie. All the people who wrote that have obviously never had it done!

For anyone who is curious what it actually looks like, here are a few pictures...

Ethan, 10 minutes after the pricks.

See that huge welt on the right side? That's the peanut test.

Gabriel, ten minutes after.

Gabriel, a few hours later.

Ethan complained of itching during the 15-20 minute wait for the results. The doctor came ten minutes in to check on them, saw the peanut reaction, and wiped it off his skin best he could. He still was itchy but it would've been worse if the doctor had left it. Gabriel looked like he was a little itchy but not bad. Then again, he didn't have a big reaction like Ethan did!

The doctor prescribed them each 3 meds every day, and one as needed. Do you think I'm filling them?! Not unless I absolutely have to! At this point, there is nothing serious enough to put them on medicine every day.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the owner of our natural health place. I want him to look at the results and give his recommendations. There are ways to treat allergies naturally and I am willing to try them.

The main reason I wanted allergy testing done was for foods. I knew that if they had nasal allergies, they weren't bad. That was confirmed by the testing. If they were miserable with them, I might be willing to try the meds temporarily. But there is no reason to do it right now. I will hold on to the prescriptions just in case though.

The one thing that still bothers me is the dark circles under Gabriel's eyes. Dark circles in a child are usually a sign of allergies. Food or environmental. He's had them for 6-8 months now and he complains sometimes of his eyes hurting. I'm hoping to find out something tomorrow that will help!

For tonight, I gave them each a dose of Motrin. Hopefully it helps them be more comfortable so they can sleep. Ethan has complained off and on all day that his back hurts from the sticks. I don't know if Gabriel isn't complaining because it doesn't bother him or if it bothers him and he just isn't saying anything about it.

They both have been whiny and fussy and clingy today. I know it had to be pretty traumatic :( Right now I'm just REALLY glad it's over...


  1. Sounds like you ALL had a rough day :(. Hopefully tomorrow it will all just be a bad memory to the boys, and you'll be able to get some answers and help for them. Sleep well, you've earned it :).

  2. It was so heartbreaking, but they were so good! I'm glad it's over.