Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meals Lately

Here's what a "typical" day's food looks like:

Organic Greek yogurt w/blueberries (single serving size) mixed with heavy cream
1 Colby-Jack cheese snack

2.5-3 oz cooked meat
1/2 c. (cooked) carb (usually brown rice)
2 c. cooked veggies
Usually mixed as a casserole, with cream, frequently with cheese ;)

This is our smaller meal, so it varies. Salad, tuna/chicken salad with crackers, small plate of leftovers, small tortilla with cheese, cottage cheese with peaches, etc. I cook scrambled eggs once or twice a week for the guys.

Dessert after supper:
1 Ghirardelli chocolate square
Small bowl of unsweetened peanut butter with bittersweet chocolate chips

Sunday mornings (before church):
Chicken apple sausage
Smoked sausage, oatmeal with bananas
Homemade breakfast sausage, hash browns

Sundays are my free day for food. I don't always eat veggies, and sometimes I eat more carbs.

Every day:
1/2-1 c. strong coffee with stevia and heavy cream, sipped throughout the day

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