Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to C25k!

Jesse and I decided to do a local 10k in November. I've wanted to do it for years but one thing after another happened and I never got to :( So... I'm starting C25k again as a starting point :)

I did my first workout today! My left ankle started bothering me during the first running interval, and by the third, my hip was hurting :( I finished the workout and called my chiro's office before leaving the gym. I could tell the pain was from being out of alignment. They were able to see me immediately. I'm sore but I can tell he fixed me :) I'm proud that I stuck with the workout even though it was uncomfortable! And actually, the endorphins must've kicked in because by interval 5, I wasn't hurting anymore :)

Despite being uncomfortable, I finished 1.3 miles! My backside was sore during the last bits of the running intervals but not bad.

I'm actually looking forward to my next workout! Planning on it being Wednesday...

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