Saturday, May 12, 2012


I haven't been posting as much here... But I've posted in two different forums lately about my health and eating. This will seem a bit disjointed but I'm copying and pasting bits and pieces into here to keep track. I may expand on some of them in other blog posts...

1. I'm not cutting out any food completely (other than corn for the boys, and gluten, which I know we have issues with). We've been moving toward lower carb because we all feel better that way. I may do a dairy-free trial at some point but not planning on it anytime soon. Especially since we changed some of our supplements a month ago and I want to know what changes are from the supplements vs dietary changes.

The boys have been eating a TON of food since we stopped eating gluten two months ago. I'm hoping it eases for a few years before they are teens or we'll be in trouble.

We can't afford "good" meat but I buy from a better quality grocery store. The quality difference of the meat is noticeable.

I don't buy pork. We eat very little shellfish (but enjoyed a crawfish boil recently).

I do still buy some processed foods. Mostly canned chicken for quick meals, frozen potatoes (ditto, plus the quality of the potatoes around here stinks!), and instant grits for Jesse (he works weird hours).

2. I have been eating bittersweet chocolate mixed with peanut butter every night. It really feels like a deficiency my body is trying to compensate for. I've also been craving fat more - cream, fried foods, etc. I've been eating more cream but pretty much staying away from fried foods. Wish I knew what was going on...

(Someone replied and said I should eat more fat. Next entry is my response to her.)

3. I've had to be careful with fats the past 5 years because of gallbladder issues. I seem to be digesting them better lately though. I ate half a small avocado a couple nights ago with a frozen Amy's organic cheese enchilada dinner. And then the PB and chocolate after... Guess my body is doing better with fats than I thought. Thinking back on it, that was a lot of fat. Hmmm... I slept really good that night too.

It's such a change in thinking after hearing for so long how bad fat is for you. I've been eating more butter, cream, sour cream, etc lately. I cut our carbs back more. Maybe that has something to do with it?

4. We're not doing paleo but are reducing grains. Jesse and I feel much better. Sometime in the next week and a half I'll be getting a few hours to myself. I plan on taking at least part of that time to go look through Eat Like A Dinosaur at the bookstore.

These are from a different forum:

5. I have been feeling run down again but didn't know if it was from my hormones or if my anemia was kicking up again. I muscle tested when I picked up my supplements this afternoon and my hormone supplement was just about right but my iron and the other two I tested were off. I think my body is trying to adjust to all the food and supplement changes the past three months and is in a bit of disequilibrium right now. I'm usually pretty good at being able to tell the effects of changes I'm making and the muscle testing confirmed what I suspected. In the past three months I've 1. Found out I'm gluten intolerant and eliminated it from what I'm eating 2. Cut my carbs even more 3. Upped my fats (animal fats and olive oil) 4. Replaced two of my supplements with two newer and more effective ones.

My gut feeling is that these are positive changes. I am seeing some results. Hopefully the tweaks from today will help.

6. I need to try to work some veggies into breakfast as much as possible. It would be so much easier if I could eat eggs! Today I had some leftover baked hash browns, canned chicken breast, and cheddar cheese mixed together. I topped it with a diced large roma tomato. I allow myself a small dessert after lunch and supper. Usually either a square of super dark chocolate or some bittersweet chocolate and natural peanut butter (peanuts and salt) sprinkled with sea salt. But I haven't had any sugar at all today. I drank the other half cup of my coffee after lunch instead (with stevia and heavy cream).

I have a headache this afternoon. That's unusual for me. But the supplement I increased the dose the most is the one with the detox properties and this feels like a detox headache. If that's what it's from, I'll happily take it!


I hope this makes some sense to anyone who keeps up with this blog... (Crickets chirp)

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