Saturday, January 28, 2012

Checking In...

Things have been so crazy... Between the holidays, Gabriel's birthday, then one or more of us being sick for the past 3-4 weeks, plus all the usual...

I haven't gotten to work out lately :( Hoping to get back on track soon!

Eating hasn't been great but not bad. This next week I have 4 days of wheat-free meals planned. I want to see the difference in how we all feel. We'll be eating potatoes and rice instead, in addition to the rice pasta I had already switched to. I may end up doing it for longer, depending. I'm not looking for every possible wheat-containing ingredient in our food, just cutting out the obvious. We're still eating a lot less carbs than the SAD (Standard American Diet) and plan to keep it that way! Well, except for this week... Kingcake isn't exactly a lowish carb treat ;)

I haven't been thirsty much and haven't been drinking enough so I'm back to drinking (decaf) green tea instead of water. So far it's helping :)

So... That's the short update. I want to get back to blogging more often again!

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